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The Southernmost Tip

of Africa

Shipwreck Hiking Trail

The Southernmost Tip of Africa Shipwreck Hiking Trail is a hiking trail that takes the route next to the shoreline of the Shipwrecks that occurred along the Southernmost Tip of Africa from the first recorded shipwreck – “Joanna” on 8 June 1682 which sank at Quoin point -  10 km from the starting point of the Shipwreck Trail. It ends at Arniston – 53.6 km later where the tragic sinking of the “Arniston” on 31 May 1815 occurred.

The Trail follows the coastline where more than 120 shipwrecks would have been in the direct line of sight of the current lighthouse in Cape Agulhas. “ The Onibe” -  the last recorded ship sank on 16 October 1992 on the Southernmost Tip of Africa coastline. 


The hiking trail is classified as a Level 1 degree of difficulty hike.  It allows you to experiences spectacular scenery with views of pristine white beaches that come together with turquoise blue water. The hike is offered as a 4-day hike with either 4-5 nights accommodation, however, the hike can also be customised to meet your needs.

This slackpacking hike consists of a leisurely walk, where one only has to take along a small day pack.  Accommodation is at the same place each night. Breakfast, snack lunch, and dinner included.

The hiking trail can be personalised according to your needs

e.g. 1 - 3 day hike. For more info, contact us

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Brandfontein to Suiderstrand

The first part of our journey starts at Brandfontein with a leisurely walk of  10.8km (6.7m) to Suiderstrand. The blissful walk on the beach is accompanied by some beautiful birdlife and tranquil beaches, perfect for cooling off in.

Suiderstrand to Struisbaai

via the  Southernmost Tip of Africa

The second part of our journey splits into two parts. We continue from Suiderstrand and cover 5.5 km (3.4m)  to the Southernmost Tip of Africa. After exploring the  Southernmost Tip we hike a further 8.3 km (5.1m)  to Struisbaai.

Struisbaai to

De Mond

On day three we hike from Struisbaai, our accommodation base to De Mond,  which means  "The Mouth" of the  River. This beautiful flat walk of 14km (8.6m) is on a pristine white beach and ends at De Mond Nature Reserve.

De Mond to Arniston

The last leg of our hike, offers 2 options.  The first option sees us hike from Arniston to the Waenhuiskrans Cave (tide permitting) a 5.5km (3.4m) hike. Option 2  is a beautiful walk from De Mond to Arniston  which covers 15km (9.3m). This is a more strenuous option.

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