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Day 4: Option 1 – Arniston  to Struispunt (for the more "relaxed" hikers +5km/3.1m)

After being transported to Arniston, we walk to Struispunt and visit the famous Waenhuiskrans Cave on the way, a very worthwhile experience. We carry on to Struispunt where we observe the marine light and then return to the Arniston Hotel.

Day 4 : Option 2 - De Mond to Arniston

(for the “die hard” hikers 15km/9.3m)

We begin with a trip back to De Mond where we commence our final leg of the trail to finish in Arniston.  Arniston is a small coastal village. This route has spectacular views of Struisbaai and Arniston with a rare colony of nesting Kelp Seagulls on the way.  We end the walk with a visit to the famous Waenhuiskrans cave – (visit to the cave will be subject to tides).

Both options end off with lunch at the well known Arniston Hotel’s restaurant enjoying spectacular views.

 We will be transported back to base camp in Struisbaai to relax and enjoy a braai/BBQ.

(Option to leave after lunch to return to your homes) = 4 nights

Day 5

Breakfast at base camp and exchange farewells.

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