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    Marine Life

In and around the Ocean we may see a number of Cape Fur Seals, a variety of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises. The Southern Right Whales come to the bays to breed from August to November.

    Bird Life

De Mond Nature Reserve is the breeding ground of the Damara Tern. Denham's Bustard, Blue Crane and Secretary birds are some of the larger, more visible species present in the area, while Southern Tchagra, Large-billed Lark, Agulhas Clapper and Agulhas Long-billed Lark, Cloud Cisticola and Grey-backed Cisticola are common amongst the smaller species. The African Black Oystercatcher is also seen throughout the trail.

The Cape Sugarbird, Southern Doubled-Collared Sunbird and Orange-breasted Sunbird are some of the other species that birders will be able to see due to the abundant fynbos.

Flamingos can also be seen at De Mond Nature Reserve as well as the historical Springfield Saltpans in the Agulhas Nature Reserve.  A variety of other birds can also be seen along this trail.

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